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We still have a few open spots for this year, mainly in our Preschool. For more information or to arrange a tour, please give us a call at 988-3962 or email us at

Covenant ELC



Mother's Day Out

Ages 6 months to 3 years
8:30 am-2:00 pm


Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Tuesday, Thursday or 5 Days

Mother's Day Out (MDO) is offered five days per week.  Children must be enrolled in our program and attend on the same day/days each week.

We have a Type I state daycare license and abide by all state regulations.


Our goal is to make children feel secure and loved and enjoy their experiences with us.  Our staff is eager to share loving care and guidance with you child.  We want parents to feel confident with their choice in our service.


Mother's Day Out children enjoy story times, listening to music, and playing inside and outside.  They are given the opportunity to work with different art media.  Much time is devoted to developing good social skills.


Ages: 3 years - 5 years
8:30 am - 12:00 noon (Lunch Bunch optional 12:00-2:00pm)

Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Tuesday, Thursday or 5 Days

Purpose & Philosophy
The purpose of Covenant Preschool is to begin a child's education in a positive manner that will foster an eagerness to learn.
At Covenant we will provide an atmosphere in which each child's growth and development is carefully evaluated and his/her individual developmental needs will be addressed.  Activities will incorporate extensive interaction between the teacher and the child with a "hands-on"  

approach to learning.  We believe that children learn best by using all five senses.  They must also be presented with challenging social, emotional, and intellectual experiences in order to develop in a wholesome way and to feel secure in their environment.  We realize that children are naturally spontaneous, active, curious, and creative and that these traits can be used in a positive manner to greatly enhance their desire to learn.


Preschool Program & Curriculum
Our curriculum is based on a developmental approach. This means we believe that young children need to learn through all five senses. They need to be given a variety of concrete experiences before they are ready for abstractions. Our teachers plan many learning activities in which the child actively participates. Each room is set up with various learning centers which enhance our hands-on approach.


We use an integrated curriculum approach to emphasize language development, math, art, music, social living, creative movement, science, and geography.


In math, we help the child learn that mathematics is used in different ways around the classroom and at home. We use the Mathematics Their Way Program.


During art time, the children are given the opportunity to work with different art media. They leam to experiment with different materials and that their own original work is great in itself.


Music and creative movement are an important area of our program. Children love to sing, dance and make music with musical instruments.


Kindergym is a comprehensive motor development program. The instructor will assist teachers in combining these skills into their regular classroom environment and it will be incorporated into the music program also.


Chapel is held each week at 9:00am. Dates are posted in newsletter and on class calendars. Parents are welcome to attend.

Preschool & Mother's Day Out Calendar


If we need to close because of bad weather (hurricane, flooding, ice, etc.), we will do our best to notify you through the news media and text system for parents.  If we feel that travel is dangerous for our children or workers it may be best to close early or not open until conditions improve.  If in doubt, please call the school or come by to pick up your child.

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