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Wednesday Nights

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Led by Pastor Scott Bullock Join other parents in this insightful book study led by Pastor Scott. We’ll explore ways of more effectively communicating love and affirmation to our children in tune with their unique personalities. Anyone is welcome, but parents of young children will find this study especially meaningful. {Books are available in the ELC office, Covenant Church office, on Sunday Mornings before worship and, of course, at our first session.}

5 Love Languages of Children

Lord Teach us to Pray 

Led by Joby John a topical Bible Study led by Joby John which takes a broad look at the subject of prayer in the Scriptures. Come find some guidance and encouragement in developing your prayer life.

Intro to the Book of Daniel

Led by Janet Marler We often first think of the incredible prophecies and visions in the Book of Daniel, but Daniel has an exciting story that leads up to his prophetic ministry. Janet Marler leads this study of Daniel’s incredible life story in the beginning section of this great book of the Old Testament

Cajun Dancing

Led by Jason Harrington Come join our very own live Cajun band and learn a few traditional dance steps with some instruction as well. A fun, musical workout and dance session with some traditional lore interspersed by Jason. Dancing instructed by Barbara Mallette.

HWY 4:12 Youth

Led by Camryn St. Alexandre and Tanner Blades Join us at HWY 4:12 Youth as we explore the book of James through an in depth bible study and relate it to today's world!

Pumpkin Parables

Led by Allison Womble Join our Children’s Ministry for “The Pumpkin Parables full of stories, games, crafts and more!! (Ages 5 through 5th grade)


Available as needed in the ELC for infants though 4 year olds.

Golden Leaves

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